The Comprehensive Services Needed to Form and Operate a Business in Japan

Capital Tax K.K. enables businesses and subsidiaries to become established and flourish within Japan, specializing in assisting non-Japanese business owners and corporations that would like to set up a company in Japan.

While there are plenty of opportunities for expansion and profit within the Japanese markets, there are also many complex corporate tax laws and reporting requirements within this country that every business must meet. Capital tax provides the tax, accounting, and payroll services in Japan that enable business owners to focus on improving their products and services instead of agonizing over financial paperwork.

Our Services Include:

  • Japan company Setup
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily accounting services
  • Payroll services in Japan
  • Corporate income tax filing in Japan
  • Personal income tax filing in Japan
  • U.S. Expat Tax Filing Services
  • And more

Don’t let tax laws and accounting hassles keep your business or subsidiaries from succeeding. Contact Capital Tax to schedule a meeting with a CPA in Japan who has many years of experience handling complex corporate accounts.

To learn more about our company formation, tax, or accounting services in Japan, contact us by calling 03-6890-3036 or emailing