Japan Company Setup

Japan Company Setup


Capital Tax is staffed with business and accounting experts who are skilled in establishing businesses in Japan. There is much to be considered when establishing a business and using the services offered by Capital Tax helps companies to avoid the hassles that can be involved in the paperwork processes which can be quite extensive.

Capital tax’s advisors can help you to determine the form of business (KK, GK, or Branch Office) that is most conducive to your operations considering various options with attention to restrictions, permitting and registration requirements, eligibility considerations, acceptable procedures, commercial codes, foreign exchange and foreign trade laws, and tax and liability considerations.

The process to setup a company takes approximately 4 weeks and will depend on how quickly decisions can be made. 

Step 1: Prepare a list of the basics such as the company address, type of company, nature of business, company name, paid in Capital amounts, etc.. You will also need to ensure you have Representative Director in Japan. Although you can now register a company with a foreign director, the process is a bit more complex and takes more time. It also creates a few difficulties opening a bank account. 

Step 2: Gather all your documentation. Make sure your representative director has a registered seal and can obtain a seal certificate of certificate of residence. 

Step 3: Drafting Articles of Incorporation. We will assist you with the general provision needed to establish your company. This will include voting rights, shareholders, directors, fiscal year, and other pertinent clauses relevant to your business and/or shareholders. 

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the contents in the draft version of the articles of incorporation, we will have the AOI notarized by the Notary Office. Once approved, the Shareholder or Representative Director in Japan will deposit the paid in Capital into his personal account. 

Step 5: Notarized Articles of Incorporation, Seal Certificates, proof of deposit of Paid In Capital etc.. will be submitted to the Legal Affairs Bureau in Japan. This process takes approx 10 business days. On approval, the company will be registered and an official copy of the Company Registration Certificate can be obtained. 

Step 6: Although the company is officially established, there are a few loose ends to tie up. The company must submit documentation and notification forms to the local and national tax office, Registered corporate seal certificates must be obtained, opening  a corporate bank account etc.. 

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