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Corporate Income Tax filing services for foreign companies with subsidiaries in japan. In 2020, the Japanese Corporate Tax rate for companies with established capital greater than 100 mil JPY was 23.2%. Note, this is only the National Tax Rate! There is also Business Enterprise and Inhabitant Tax which all adds up!

As a result of changes in the Japanese tax laws and ongoing new regulations put into place by the Japanese government  make the annual filing and reporting requirements difficult for foreign companies which have subsidiaries in Japan. Not to mention, the Corporate tax rate in Japan is quite high compared to other countries. Fortunately, the tax professionals at Capital Tax K.K. work with you and your company to make your tax preparation and filing as effortless as possible.

Assisting Foreign Companies

Working in conjunction with you and your organization, we take all the necessary steps to help you convert your book income into reportable taxable income and to help you determine your tax liability and any other tax obligations under the Japanese tax system. Our professionals have the expert knowledge required of Japanese corporate tax law as well as other foreign tax laws to ensure that your tax return is prepared quickly and accurately under Japanese law.

Filing Japanese Corporate Tax involves a multitude of filings with regard to your operations here in Japan. These include:

  • Corporate National Income Tax
  • Local and Prefectural Inhabitant Tax
  • Business Enterprise Tax
  • Consumption Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Special Surtax
  • Fixed Asset Tax

Please contact us today to speak with a tax professional and learn more how we can help your business. We assist foreign owned firms operating in Japan as well as Foreign affiliate firms with operations in Japan.


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