United States Internal Revenue Service Warns Expats to Pay Up or Surrender Passports

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Halloween’s over but America’s Internal Revenue Service is Scaring the Hell out of Delinquent Expats! The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is starting to make good on last year’s threat to begin the process of revoking or (or not renewing) U.S. passports as a means to collect unpaid taxes. With Donald Trump now in office, my money is on more stringent enforcement since he seems to … [Read more...]

Can Canadians Live Tax-Free Abroad?

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The world is getting smaller and smaller as it becomes ever more connected and, dare I say, “Globalized,” to employ a blatant trope. Indeed Canadians are in ever increasing numbers taking advantage of the various tax-savings offered by various countries around the globe, some in warmer climes, which offer folks the seeming paradises of retirement, extended travel or work and residence in a low or … [Read more...]

Selling Homes Tax-Free in Canada?

Disposing of Canadian Real Estate
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Don’t be Flippin’ Crazy! Many older homeowners in Canada rely on the equity they’ve built up over the years to help fund their retirements. This is made all the more possible due to a sale’s surprisingly generous tax-free status from Canada’s principal residence exemption. Of course, many simply aim to take advantage of this tax opportunity for other reasons, such as “flipping” properties. It … [Read more...]

Pay Your Taxes or Lose Your Passport!

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New Law for January 2016 This month the U.S. Congress is putting into effect a new law that empowers the government to revoke passports of citizens who refuse (or somehow neglect) to pay their taxes. According to various sources, this law also gives the U.S. State Department the right to deny tax scofflaws new passports. If you are in arrears to the tune of $50,000 or more, (including … [Read more...]

Tax Considerations for Canadians Moving South of the Border

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No matter how much Canadians may love to go on about how they are different from their southern brethren and how they take pride in their peculiar traditions and divergent political views, the fact that the U.S. is a hot bed of innovation, dynamism and opportunity nevertheless has led many over the years to pack up and head south permanently. With its many opportunities and increases in the … [Read more...]

The FBAR Filing Deadline has Changed!

Tax Evasion, Offshore Account
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With a stroke of his executive pen on July 31 of this year, President Obama marked the end of the filing date discrepancy that had existed with foreign bank account reporting and the filing of income tax returns. In one fell swoop he signed into the law the “Surface Transportation and Veterans Health Care Choice Improvement Act”, which changed the filing due date of several important forms for … [Read more...]


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The Canada Revenue Agency gives hockey fans five extra days penalty-box free! April 28th, 2015 –With Canadians enmeshed in hockey playoffs, there is little time for the bother of tax preparation. For the first time in years 5 Canadian teams have actually made the playoffs! Falling behind on something so trivial as tax filing is perfectly understandable given that if hell freezes over Canadian … [Read more...]

Moving Expenses: Are They A Tax Deduction Or Not?

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If you experienced a move in 2014, you may be wondering if you can write off the associated moving expenses when you file your tax return. The key is whether the distance between your old home and your new work location is 40 kilometers or greater than the distance between your new home and new work location. You need to take heed of two technical interpretations on moving expenses The Canada … [Read more...]

How To Minimize Taxes On Your Canadian Rental Income While Living Abroad

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If you own real estate in Canada, renting the properties out can be an effective way to make some money while you’re living abroad. The problem is the Canadian tax code can be a little strict when you’re a non-resident earning Canadian rental income. The good news is with some simple planning and paperwork you can minimize the taxes on your rental income so more of it stays in your … [Read more...]

Overseas Residency Status in Relation to Canadian Tax Returns

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One of the most difficult (and indeed one of the most important) aspects of Canadian tax law is one's residency status overseas and how it may affect their income tax returns. In other words, how do Canadians that live or work overseas take care of filing priorities and how will this relate to their current living situation? Residency is indeed the first factor that needs to be considered. … [Read more...]